CircleSoft's Principals

Diane Chapin Cerchio and Gerard J. Cerchio have been working as a high tech team for over a decade. They are equal partners in CircleSoft LLc.

Gerard J. Cerchio has a varied educational background including Steven's Institute of Technology, University of South Florida and Rutgers University. Mr. Cerchio has worked in computer technology since 1972. His early career included contracts at Rutgers, Bell Labs and Intel where he proved himself a rising star in the field computer technology. Mr. Cerchio architected the first word processor published on the IBM PC, Easy Writer. He wrote a patent in 1984 in the field, that a decade later. would become multimedia technology. He has served on the advanced technology teams of many corporations through out the world. He has written an un-published RFC  that allows auto-MAC assignment on the Ethernet and transmission of DVD quality video at WIFI class B speeds. Mr. Cerchio's specialties include:

  • OO Software design
  • drivers for Win & Unix systems
  • industrial process software
  • medical equipment design
  • medical equipment validation
  • ASIC system design
  • ASIC system validation
  • high speed data acquisition
  • network system design
  • airborne system design
  • technical team leadership
  • iPhone Applications


  • web systems
  • e-commerce
  • Internet service provider
  • Internet services monitoring
  • Perl and PHP
  • C++
  • SmallTalk & Lisp
  • Java
  • UML
  • Assembly
  • SQL
  • Android Applications

Diane Chapin Cerchio is a graduate of SE Oklahoma holding degrees in biological  science and chemical  technology and the with minor concentrations in the liberal arts. Diane manages the CircleSoft business and participates in the validation of many of CircleSoft's projects.  Mrs. Cerchio has expertise in a number of fields:

  • noble metals
  • industrial process design
  • industrial process validation
  • medical equipment validation
  • medical process validation


  • web page design
  • e-commerce
  • Internet service provider
  • Internet services monitoring
  • small business management


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