Independent System Consultation

CircleSoft has provided independent software consultation for over 35 years. This is no accident, this is hard work. Independence is something we rarely find in this world of corporate competition. CircleSoft has never accepted corporate sponsorship to push product into a client's environment. This means that a client knows that they are getting a fair unbiased analysis of their computing requirements and goals.

Independence means not only analyzing a client's immediate requirements and goals but keeping an eye to the future. CircleSoft projects the client's and software industries' movement seeking the best fit for a growth path for the client's product and business. Though no one can project what the position of this fast moving industry will be in 5 years, a business knows its five year plan for the current set of products. A technical niche does have this life span and frequently longer. Careful architecting with expansion room in more than one direction allows for a superior product that is adaptable within this dynamic market.

Independence gives CircleSoft a unique view of a the industry. CircleSoft has seen many technological fads come and go. After this much time being on the leading edge of the industry CircleSoft has developed an instinct for standards and development platforms that is beyond a commercial press's presentation of the latest and greatest products. Through continuous participation in the ACM and IEEE computing societies CircleSoft bases designs on unassailable technology and discoveries long before they reach the commercial product and press stages. Often it how these technologies get commercially introduced that determine which tools vendors are most on top of their game.


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