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1. PANS The product animation system.

CircleSoft was contracted by the GATX corporation to solve some long outstanding liquid product management problems at their Carteret New Jersey terminal. The company had multiple incompatable industrial control systems and no central node for control and monitoring of all aspects the facility.

CircleSoft principal Gerard Cerchio, studied the systems and offered a solution that was implemented in less than one year. The PANS system has the following features:

  • Plug-in architecture allows data acquisition from any industrial system
  • Evaluation and coordination of all data available from those systems
  • Artificial Intelligence modeling of the physical state of the entire terminal
  • Second by second comparison of the ideal state with the incoming data
  • Multiple forms a alarming including visual, audio and email
  • Provide a "living map" of the state of the terminal
  • Provide secure export of all data to the company LAN
  • Provide graphic maintenance tools for updating the terminal configuration

The prototype system easily displays over 6,000 animated objects over eight monitors including pipes, valves pumps and tanks. An operator is able to tell at a glance which product is in which line, along with the direction of flow.  Tank configuration and product is also available in real-time. Data is exportable in real-time to Excel Spreadsheets.

PANS in operation

See this link for more technical information.

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